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The black is getting to dull for me. I plan on updating the site to a more uncheesy
look when I can find the time. Watch for updates!

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Marril's World PPGWorld.com
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You can also visit:
Joey's Live Journal
Joey's DeviantART Page
Joey's Fanfiction.net Page
Websites in Progress:
A database of all the monsters in Townsville (Powerpuff Girls)
A shrine to dog pokemon, made by both Jackie and I (Pokemon)
A website for my guild on Neopets (Neopets)
The ever unrealeased Rose Town RPG (Pokemon)
A *gasp* page all about me! (Annoying)
Cliques, Topsites, and Other things
Vote for me in APW Top Ten
Vote for this site! ~The Vaporeon Cave Top 50~
I am a Powerpuff Girl?  Mew Heart I am a Powerpuff Girls Fan! Pocket Monsters Onegai
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