Cherry Sunset Shigeru is Temporarily Shut Down...

Ok, I'm now calling for help. I'm looking for someone who can help teach me how to use frames and such. And someone who can make pretty graphics would be nice too. Email Me if you think you can help me out, Cherry Sunsets needs you!

Really! I will be back someday! I've just been in a bit of a website slump, but I'll get this site back up and running soon enough! I just need some inspiration... 4/14/03

Hello everyone. I've finally decided that the layout and content of this site is probably the worst of all the sites out there. As a dedicated Shigeru fan, I cannot dishonor him with such a bad looking site. Lets face it, the layout has been the same since I first created the site back in September of 2001. So I'm going to use whatever skills I've learned ever since moving to philkpress to make the best looking Shigeru-fan-site I can!

In the meantime, well, it means I'm going to have to temporarily shut the site down. It won't take as long as it did to fix up Team Rocket47's Secret Underground Headquarters, simply because there are a lot more pages on that site. I'll be spending as much time as I can spare to work on the site. I'll even work til my eyeballs throb in stinging pain! Keep checking this page for updates, and/or join my mailing list (for lack of a better term.) So until the sun rises on a world without Gary, you can trust that I'll be back.
-Joey Oak

Now for you're enjoyment, I leave you with...

Cherry Sunset Shigeru: Operation Chibi

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Ice Cold Indifference: Shigeru
Lost Soul
Crying Alone
Gary Versus Ash

I leave you with my guestbook. Just so everyone is aware, I really don't apreciate people posting multiple comments saying that Gary is theirs. This is my bloody website, so Gary is officialy mine in this URL. If you do want to claim that Gary is yours, at least leave an email. The only thing worse then other people claiming Gary is the same people being anonymous.
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  • Some other good stuff that I'll think of later!