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What can I say? I've been running this site since March 13, 2000, and it's been a big responsibility. It started out on Geocities, with a bright blue background, and fuchia font. After people complained, I gave it a black background. The layout was unorganized and sloppy. There were even three bouncing pictures of Gary in the background. It wasn't very pretty, to say the least. Then, when geocities began lowering bandwidth, I moved the site over to my dad's domain name. The layout sucked for awhile more. Then I decided to take on the task of making the website look decent. It was on July 27, 2002 that I decided to give this site a new layout. I finished on October 16, 2002, and it took so long because I'm a slacker.

I want to represent Tr47 with a great looking site, and I also want to provide people who aren't Tr47 members with some entertainment. Also, I want to recruit in some new Tr47 members, ones who probably wouldn't have found it otherwise. But since I'm going numb in my mouse arm, I'll stop typing this.