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Welcome... Version 2.0 sounds kool. I'm not the type of person who understands why everyone has weird version numbers, so I'll keep it simple. I'll be keeping with the purple theme, but with a new look. Hopefully this will look better then the old version, which shall be named, Version 1.0. I'll be adding a few new features, taking out some old ones, updating stuff and hopefully making the site better.
Tr47 Forever!

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2/4/05 - I don't update enough.
Hello Rocketpeoples! I have updated the site once more! Nothing all that big and exiting, just cleaned up certain places, turned off the midi on the front page, and stuff like that. I'll try and keep this place updated as best I can though, I have the urge to add more stuff.

4/13/03 - I Hate HTML.
I switched the guestbook to a buggy email form in the add a shipping page. It currently doesn't work with Internet Explorer, but I'll fix that soon. I also cleaned up the guestbook a bit.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, Team Rocket, or anything else that belongs to someone else. However, Team Rocket47 is a real group of nutcases. Feel free to bug us at our Headquarters. All original work (fan art, fanfiction, etc...) is owned by the person who created it. No stealing without permission! We will have no sueing around here. Oh yeah... All Your Base Are Belong To Us.