Tr47 Bases
Here are the Tr47 Bases. Have a visit! If they don't have a link, then it means that the base is restricted.
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Tr47's Headquarters This is the main base of all bases, the yahoo group. Mainly run by Joey. If You're looking for the main Team Rocket47 action, this is where you go. Many contests are held, with prizes.
Tr47 Neopian Guild For all of you Neopet-lovers out there, I've created a Guild. It's run by Queenie, becasue she's better at it then I am. If you'd like to join, you'll have to sign up with Neopets. Adopt a Lupe!
Tr47's Wailord Party The base run by Phido and myself, it's just a big ol' party! On the back of a large wailord. Since wailords are large. Whoohoo!
The Elite Members Base This is the yahoo group for those members who have proven themselves to be much cooler then everyone else. The elite, as the title says. Run by Joey. We have many parties! Ask her if you'd like to join.
The Volcano Lair As much as Tr47 loves our male members, this base is for Girls Only. It's been run by Joey and Magick for quite some time. Ask Joey if you'd like to join, but you must be female!

If you know of other bases that claim to be tr47 bases, please run them by Joey. She'll varify if they're real bases or not.
If enough fake bases are found, she'll start a list of em.