Everything has to start somewhere.

It all began in a chat room. . .

Team Rocket47 was supposedly started by Jade, from Team Rocket 12. The first Team Rocket47 member was Ira, who later disappeared. He met up with Jads, a strange girl who loved pushing large, red buttons. She became the second member. They two of them drove around various rooms in a jeep until they met a depressed young mew sitting under a tree. The naive pokemon had just been hacked. The two Team Rocket47 members were in need of a mascot pokemon, and tried to convince the mew, who went by the name of Joey even though she was female. Joey was reluctant to join, because she didn't trust many humans. While Ira was busy doing some convincing, Jads pressed a shiny red button on a robot, activating it in destruction mode. When the robot started destroying things, Ira and Jads fled the room, leaving Joey alone to battle the robot. The mew managed to defeat the robot, but was left pondering if fighting on her own was worth it. The next day, she tracked down Ira, and became the third Team Rocket47 member.

Joey recruited a few of her mew friends and Tr47 slowly grew. One of the members who joined was an RPer named Scientist, who later went by Tac. Tac and Ira both created two Yahoo Clubs. the Headquarters, created by Ira, and the HQ, which was made by Tac. Ira allowed Jads to become a founder of the Headquarters, and Joey as well once she found it. But Ira was the only other founder of the HQ, he wouldn't allow either Jads or Joey to become founders. Tac would occasionally post in either of the clubs, but he would mostly play Yahoo games, and not respond to most Instant Messages.

In the meantime, Team Rocket47 roamed the chatrooms, causing trouble that was worthy of Team Rocket. Around November of 1999, Ira mysteriously disappeared, never to be seen again. For a few months, they wondered what had happened to their partner. But they moved on, hoping that he would return someday. Then Jads created the first Tr47 website at the end of 1999. It hasn't been updated since January 2000. Joey followed with her own website, which had a bad colour scheme and an even worse layout. She gave it a new look at some point, but kept the bad layout. The website continued to grow, until it became the website you're visiting today. Joey has changed the layout, finally. But that's getting a bit ahead of the story.

Near the end of January, Tac announced that he was going to leave Team Rocket47, for reasons unknown. As much as the members of Team Rocket47 tried to persuade him to stay, he kept to his word. on January 22nd, he IMed both Joey and Jads, who had an IM between each other, and told them that he would be leaving now. They said their last goodbyes, and he left. Like Ira, he was never seen again. A few moments after Tac logged off for the final time, Jads went to the club to check on something, and found that it had been deleted. They were both shocked. They could never determine whether it was a glitch in Yahoo's system, or Tac's intentional doing, but the main club was gone forever, at it's peak of 25 members. Joey was extremely upset, because she had spent the entire night creating a photo album for the club. Though the loss of her hard work was gone, the club itself being gone hurt more. That night, Jads and Joey began rebuilding Tr47.

Jads created the new club, with an almost identical name. Joey was made the second founder immediately. They invited back all the members, but most of them never joined the new club. Joey had sworn revenge on Tac for deleting the club, and achieved it by writing him as the villain in what became Team Rocket47's official fanfic. By the time the first novel in the series was completed though, Joey had gotten over her anger, and somewhat forgiven Tac for the loss of the club. Team Rocket47 had bigger problems to deal with on the horizon.

As time went on, The club grew in members. Dreana and Magick both became founders, along with Snuffles, who later resigned when she was hacked. After awhile, Joey became the only founder who did anything to promote Tr47. She held many contests, and kept the club updated. The club gained over five hundred members via member gaining contests. Everything was well and peaceful.

Then, on January 10th, 2001, Yahoo announced that all clubs would be converted into Yahoo groups, which had a much worse format then Yahoo clubs. In fear that Team Rocket47 would be lost, Joey created a community with a different service then Yahoo. The backup base, as it was called, was never popular and had hardly any members. In early March of 2002, all Yahoo clubs were converted to Yahoo Groups. Team Rocket47 stood as a club, watching as other clubs were converted to groups. But for some reason, Tr47 remained as a club longer then others. Then the day hit, when Tr47 Club disappeared, and Tr47 Group was supposed to appear. But it didn't appear. Members who tried to reach the club were faced with an error message. It looked like the end for Team Rocket47.

In the dark time that Tr47 faced without it's club, Joey tried her best to keep Tr47 alive. She created a yahoo group, and recruited the members from the original club. But it still wasn't the same; the look of the new groups wasn't the only problem. It looked like Tr47 was at it's end, when a month and five days later on April 10th, 2002, the club suddenly appeared again, as a group. There was much rejoicing in Tr47 that day! Due to bouncing email addresses, the amount of members in Tr47 decreased greatly. But the group thrives, with a steady amount of messages. Most other clubs that were converted into groups fell into inactivity. Team Rocket47 survived though, and still holds strong til this day!

As other events happen in Team Rocket47, they will be added to the history logs of Team Rocket47. Lets hope that none of them are bad!