The Great Joryshipping Theory
A FAQ on what Joryshipping is.

What is Joryshipping?
It is the belief that Joey Clover and Gary Oak should be a couple. In case your completely clueless, a shipping is a coupling of pokemon characters.

Who thought up the name?
Teamrocket_Rose_of_Love. Now she can't kill me cause I gave her credit.

Why Gary?
Because I'm in love him! I think that he's a much kooler character then Ash, who is annoying. There are a million reasons I could list for why I'm in love with Gary. You can read them all at Cherry Sunsets.

Why you?
Because I can make a page on my website all about Joryshipping, and have one of the only remaining Gary fan sites. XP

I think your a twit for liking Gary. He should be with (insert alternate pokemon character here.)
Go away. This is my site and I say Gary is mine.

Do you have something against (insert alternate shipping here)?
Some of them. Ego, Pallet, Rival, and Candle are shippings that I'm all fine with. Anything else... no.

Well I think that Gary should be with me!
He's taken though. XP

How you be in love with an anime character?
Anime guys are cooler then the guys who live in my area. They have something called maturity.

But you have a boyfriend already!
Do I look like I care? I love my boyfriend very much, and I also love Gary. Quit prying into my personal life!

Well what do we have here?
Hey! I'm supposed to be asking the questions! This isn't fair!
Ok, ok. Back to the FAQing.

Are you sane?
No. But thanks for asking!

Are you going to draw a picture of you and Gary together?
I would, but I'm artistically impared. Some of my friends have drawn me wonderful gift art though.

Are you going to write a fanfic about you and Gary together?
I already have. Most of my fanfiction is somewhat joryshipping related in one way or another. Check it out in my Fanfiction Realm.

If you have Gary, can I have any of the other guys and make up some stupid name for it?
I don't care. If you want me to post whatever personal shipping you want on the site, you're out of luck. I no longer post original character shippings on the shipping list. Sorry.

How can I be a Joryshipper?
I'm proud of you. Joryshipping is a wonderful shipping! Sign the guestbook below to pledge your Joryshipping-ness! You can also sign it to flame me.

And become a Joryshipper, or flame me!