I've re-done this page.
Now you have to fill out the form I made. It's found on the Become a Member page.
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Member Number 1:
Joey Oak | Joey's Mass of Websites | Rose Town, Johto | For friendship and adventure!

Member Number 2:
Majin Meowth | No Website | Lavender Town, Kanto | TR-47 is the coolest oganization this side of everywhere! And I have some great friends in there too!
Member Number 3:
Raichugirl and Riley | No Website | Currently in front of the computer | For an evil subdivision of Team Rocket, this place is pretty cool. What better place for a couple of raichu mercenaries, huh Riley?
Member Number 4:
Shrieker Brief | None Yet | The Middle of Somewhere | Erm.. uh.. eh. o_O; Ive always been behind TR47. Does that count...? I can't work under these conditions! >.<
Member Number 5:
Dom | Marills World | Pallet Town | Cos it's a cool Team :D.
Member Number 6:
HockeyHick | TBC | Vermont | I know the Joey and want to be part of any evil Conspiracy I can find