Team Rocket47 Mottos
These are our mottos. They've been written by various members. Send me some more, if you like!
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To Terrorize All People With Our Hyperactivity!
To Make All Feel Inferior Within Our Proximity!
To Prove To The World Happiness And Love Rule!
To Make All Men/Women Who Look At Us Drool!
Behold Team Rocket47!
The Most Powerful Team Around!
Please Don't Stare!
All Who Challenge Us Beware!

~by Dreana
To control the world with devistation,
That is our exact expectation!
To conqure outer space and the universe above,
To rid the world of happiness and love!
Tremble at Team Rocket47's power,
For soon the world will be ours!

~by Ira
To make others look in admiration,
To steal pokemon is our occupation!
To make the pokemon our evil toys,
To explode some dynamite and make some noise!
Team Rocket47 shows the world our strength and might!
Our Gyarados kills with just one bite!
Joeys Note: We have a gyarados?

~by Jacques
Joey: Get ready for trouble!
Magick: You'd best make that double!
Joey: To dissect the planet with devastation!
Magick: To de-unite all peoples within our nation!
Joey: To dennounce the goodness of truth and love!
Magick: To extend our grasp to the evil above!
Joey: TR47 circles the pokemon world both day and night!
Magick: Surrender now or you will surly lose the fight!
Psyduck: *pops up* Pssyyy- ayy?
Magick & Joey: *push psyduck down* Stupid Duck!

~by Magick
To show the world our real power!
To make all fools run and cower!
To show the evil truly within!
To make lesser beings bow to our whim!
Ira! Jads! Joey! Dreana! Magick!
Don't try to win, your attempts are futile!
We'll rule the world in just a short while!
::dramatic posing ensues::
~By Magick M.
All Squirrels Must Beware
The Elite Team Rocket Gang
We Are Mondo Kool

Lovely As The Rose
Team Rocket Forty-Seven
Deadly As The Thorns

~Haiku's by Joey