Pokemon Shipping Dictonary
Ah the world of shippers is a confusing place. So that's why I'm collecting different shippings so you can know them!
This list is very incomplete, and very incorrect. Go to the Add a Shipping page to send me a shipping, or to correct one.

Shipping Name Characters Alternate Names
Rocketshipping Jessie and James Queershipping (believes that Jessie is dominant)
Gakishipping Misy and Ash Pokeshipping
Egoshipping Gary and Misty  
Palletshipping Gary and Ash  
Neoshipping Cassidy and Butch  
Gymshipping Brock and Misty  
Adultshipping Ash's mom and Prof. Oak Labshipping
Orangeshipping Tracy and Misty  
Dittoshipping Mundo and Duplica  
Citrus-shipping Misty and Rudy  
Piketshipping Pikachu and A bottle of ketchup  
Snobshipping James and Jessiebelle  
Felineshipping Meowth and Mewosie  
Twistyshipping Jessie and Butch/James and Cassidy  
Brocketshipping Jessie and Brock  
Boss-shipping Giovanni and Jessie  
Breedershipping Brock and Susie  
Elitefourshipping Lorelei and Lance  
Incestshipping Gary and May  
Kenshishipping Tracy and Ash  
Leageshipping Richie and Ash  
Mimeshipping Mr. Mime and Ash's Mom  
Thirdwheelshipping Brock and Tracy  
Profshipping Prof. Oak and Prof. Ivy  
Krazyshipping Pikachu and Meowth  
Lilacshipping Joy and Jenny  
Blowmybulbshipping Bulbasaur and Heracross  
Stuartshipping Brock and James  
Diamondshipping Delia and Giovanni  

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