Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, KuramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaKeikou's RoomAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Kuramaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

*You walk into a room, and the first thing you see is a giant cardboard cutout of Kurama.
You look around, and see Kurama posters all around the room, along with many other things
relating to the bishi. Out of nowhere pops out a girl with red hair, whom you assumed was another
piece of Kurama merchandise. (The red hair is just coincidential).* Yo! Ohayou! Even if you're
reading this sometime past morning. I'm Keikou from HOOK, and... that's about it. Here's some
info about me.

Hora! Keikou-chan's pretty art! ^^ ~Michi

Name: Keikou
Meaning: Pheonix
Favourite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho
Favourite Character: *looks around room* It should be very obvious.
Favourite Colour: Midnight Blue
Animal: Inu (Dog)
Hobbies: Writing, reading, writing, obsessing over Kurama, hanging out with friends, writing, writing, and yes, more writing.
Usually is seen with: Sugar.
About the picture: This is Keikou, drawn my me myself an I. I’m the only HOOK member who draws themselves, but doesn’t draw anyone else’s character for HOOK. I’d have to say I am the worst artist in HOOK. Sigh… but demo, demo! Guess what she’s thinking about! Kuramaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………. *falls over sparkly eyed, with tail wagging*

*points around room* Obviously I am obsessed over Kurama. I am the most obsessive person of HOOK
(although Michi comes close). I am also the writer of HOOK. Any time I'm not doing anything else, I am
writing. And writing. And writing. I usually arrange most of the meetings, which is not very fun most of the time.
I'm also the one HOOK member who loves to sing. I usually have to force most of the others. AND I can
learn Japanese songs the best. *Michi runs over and smacks her over the head. "Only because I have better
things to do!"* Tis true. *smirk*

I also have a Kurama shrine. You'd think my whole room is a Kurama shrine, but I have more. Follow me.
That also goes with my list of claimed anime guys. I told you I was obsessive.
Well, that's about it. Ja ne! *waves*

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