Sloppy Sloppy Kanji
(Kanji done sloppily by Michi)
Woooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! *glomps him* I have a shrine devoted to my beloved Kurama! *glomps him again* He's my favorite bishonen! But that should be obvious! Please wait a sec for the thumbnails to load, I have quite alot of pictures.
Total Picture Count: 330 (ish... this is a haunted shrine ^^) 100 on each page, and the last page is only Youko Kurama pictures.
NOTE: Many spoilers of past what Toonami has shown... so if you don't want to know what happens, stay away from the later Kurama pictures. But... Toonami will never show past what they have. (sounds rather like Rurouni Kenshin *cough*)
Michi's Note~ I updated the prettyness, to make it easier. Please tell me if you see any broken links/pictures. Arigatou! ^^
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 Take my hand... Gasp! I'm cute! Pretty boy... Still doing the kinky whip Oooh... glowy... I shall give this rose to Keikou-chan... Ahhhhhhhhhh Ha! I can beat you at video games! Glaaaaaare Waaah! They cut off Hiei-san! Yet more kinky whipness. The wind makes him look pretty! Boy, I'm glad I put pockets in this outfit. Gasp! Shock and Amazement! No! Dun do that! Didn't we have this pic already? Dude! Talk to me! Pretty dragon statue.... I shall make it glow! I have been mortally wounded. Woo! Dramatic wind! Keikou-chan's buddy icon Glow glow glow sexy... A dramatic moment for this bishi. THE ELEVATOR!!!! *cracks up* Looking sad He needs a hug. My poor Kurama! Shirtless glare! Shirtless... this is a good thing. The walk! Very good part of movie! I'm holding a flower and I look pretty. Bloody hell! Come on Hiei! Yusuke only wants to kiss you! Cut Kuwabaka out and you have the most perfect picture! Do NOT mess with me Don't ask about the snake  Gasp! Normal clothes Girly man! Double hotness Hey! I have a white rose! I laugh at you! Leave the cross scars to Kenshin, Kurama I think I'll glare at you  I will be killing you now I watch the sunset... I will stand here looking hot! I'm a very cute chibi! I'm hurt god damnit I'm here somewhere I'm sitting on a wall! I'm so cute! I'm taller than Hiei AND Yusuke! In pain much Interesting colour choice It's windy here! I've got a whip and I'm not afraid to use it! Look at my pretty emerald eyes Hn! I shall look cute and pissed off!  Nice outfit, it fits him. GASP! Hiei's smiling! He looks hot. Seriously glaring now Someone explain the ribbons! The pendant! More dramatic wind! Two hotness in one! Very kickass roseness We are a kickass team! We have pretty colour effects and we know how to use them! We'll just let Yusuke kill the dude What did the rose ever do to you! Whips are better than swords! Heh heh.... You looking at me? You're still shorter than me! Yusuke's got a motorcycle and he doesn't know how to use it! Rockin out! Another uber-kawaii Kurama!
Wonderfully wonderful green eyes Nooo! He's stabbing Touya! That's so not cool! He looks goods with his hair up! Let's talk about how we will not win! Nooooo! My Kurama can't move! And the evil dude is going to hurt him! *falls over dead from kura-chan's hotness!!!!* Earlier picture *wipes tear away* the first time they walk in height order! Another rosewhip awwwwwww! my poor kura-chan is hurt! awwwwwwwww! he's so cute! Glaringness gasp! he's trying to sneak attack kura-chan! he has alot of good eye shots he's so friggin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks mad...... he looks upset he tricked Yu-chan! he's cute and playing cards he's got a plant growing out of his arm he's got a rose again! he's got such long beautiful hair... and gorgeous emerald eyes.... oh, and Hiei's there too he's so cute! and sad looking.... he's so graceful

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Youko Kurama, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, or any other YYH dudes. Or any anime dudes for that matter. So please no sueing! ^^