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Fics written by me, Joey Oak
All of my fanfics can be found at my fanfiction website. Click here.
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Fics written by Magick

Magick's Spiffy Fic -Just a one chapter thing. It's really cool!

Fragmented Afterthoughts -Magicks second fic. Finished!
Grouped Forethoughts -Sequal-goodness. Read it! It is very good! Magick is a better writer then me! And a better artist!

Fics written by Kat Nabakainu

The Death of True Love -Kat rewrote this. It's originally from my notebook story.
Jackie's Mondo Kool Fic! -Mondo Kool? It's about dog pokemon, and based off of my notebook story. Woof woof.
Fics written by Michi
Ash's Arrest -Ash get's arrested ^-^ This is amusing, so read it!
Pikachu or Jail? -This is the sequal! It's as funny as the first. I really recomment reading this! Read it!
Michi's Wiggy Fic -Just a weird little thing. Yeah...