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The archive of updates from between when I moved the site off of geocities to when the site was upgraded to Version 2.0


Not a real big update. Check out the mailing list thing (bottom of the main page) to see the change.


And 6 hours later Joey remembers to post that she updated in the update section. I added more to Asa's chapter 1, and updated that About The Tree Section. I'll see what else I can do.


I need to work on updating more often, on all my sites. I've wasted my whole spring break with laying around. Anyway... Six new fanfics, 4 by Magick, 2 by Asa. Magicks New Fic is completed and retitled to Fragmented Afterthoughts. She started the sequal, Grouped Forethoughts. Go read! Asa is new on the site, and I love him. His fic is powerpuff girls based, so go read it! It's great! I'll go sleep.


Yay! All the images are back up, minus the shrines, which I will be remodeling. Your regularly schedualed updates will now resume, possibly next weekend. I need sleep now, don't drink the punch and avoid the ballroom at all costs!


No need for worries, i'm still an idiot. But I fixed up a bunch of the broken picture links. most will still be broken though..... Sorry for the mess up!


I fixed some more broken links. Thanks for telling me Natski!


I fixed the link to the fanart section (thanks Matt) and added a link to a fanfiction website. Go see, while I finish with My own fanfic website ^^


A new year has arrived, and I've finally moved off of Geocities an onto Philkpress, my Dad's domain. I moved everything over and played with HTML, so the Pages should load faster. I also organized some of the images, something I should have done long ago. As for the updates..... I updated the About The Tree section, the Members section, the Newsroom, the Active Members, the Fanfic section, the FanArt section, the Shout Out section, the Updates section, the Index page, and added some new pages. Explore around the site and be sure to tell me about broken images/links in the guestbook!

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