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Welcome to the site. Here you will find fan fiction written by Joey Oak. Most of the works are
based off of Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, and Neopets. New things are posted when they are written.
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Team Rocket47 Fanfiction
  • Team Rocket47's Bestest Fanfic
    The first story in the Tr47 Saga. Team Rocket47 rises after Team Smak falls, but how long can they last against Team Rocket? READ AT OWN RISK!
  • Team Rocket47's Next Fanfic
    The second story in the Tr47 Saga. A bounty hunter is after the members of Tr47. Can some new recruits help to fend him off?
  • A Pokemon Trainers Christmas
    From Joey's Pokemon Training Journey. It's nearly Christmas, and Joey doesn't have a real family to go home to.
  • Friends and Secrets
    From Joey's Pokemon Training Journey. Gary's Arcanine gets a new nickname from Joey.

Pokemon Fanfiction

  • Outcasts
    Drastic rewrite of the Kickass Fic. Can a group of hybrid pokemon survive in a world where they're not accepted?
  • Passionate Rivalry
    When a pokemon trainer named Joey dissapears, her rival vows never to rest until she's found.
  • Interveiw with the Twerps
    A humerous interview with Ash, Misty, and Tracey.
  • Crystal Conspiracy
    Confusion insues when a Pokemon Crystal game turns very strange.
  • Twilight
    Based of The Notebook Story. Joey has to tell Gary and her older brother Jake that she plans to run away from home.

Other Fanfiction

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